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Regular Active Member: This category belongs to psychiatrists (MD’s, DO’s) licensed to practice medicine. Board certification is not a requirement for this category.

Annual Dues: $250.00

Associate Member: This category of membership is reserved for non-psychiatrists physicians (M.D.’s and D.O’s) and non-physician professionals who are licensed in one of the following areas: psychology, social work, nursing, mental health and addictions counseling, pharmacy, rehabilitation medicine (OT, PT), dentistry, and physician assistants working in mental health areas.

Annual Dues: $200.00

Residents/Fellows Member: Open to physicians (MD), doctors of Osteopathy (DO) that are in an approved residency training program.

Annual Dues: $100.00

Student Member: Open to medical students in an approved medical school, Graduate students in social work, psychology, nursing, mental health and addictions counseling, pharmacy, rehabilitation medicine, dentistry, and physician assistants in approved training programs for their respective disciplines.

Annual Dues: $25.00

Life Member: This category of membership is based upon the number of years of being an active member as well as the service provided to the Association. Members must be nominated to become “Life Members” and approved by the Executive Committee.

Life Member Fee: $5,000 payable in one lump sum with no additional dues or a minimum of $1,000 per year for five years in addition to regular annual dues during this five year period. This fee can also be paid at a rate of $2,500 over a two year period with annual dues being assessed until full payment has been received.

NOTE: The above fee schedule is for national dues only; Individuals may be assessed a separate fee for their chapter dues, which is paid directly to the local chapter to which a member is affiliated. National individual dues must be paid prior to any payment to local chapters, and membership is not considered valid until national dues have been paid in full.

Region I (NE/Mid-Atlantic): CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT
Region II (S): AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, WV, VA
Region III (E/ Midwest): IL, IN, IO, KS, MI, MN, MO, OH, OK, WI
Region IV (W): AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, ND, NB, NM, NV, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, WY


Membership in the Black Psychiatrists of America entitles you to:

Membership Discounts on Conferences & Continuing Medical Education

The Black Psychiatrists of America offers opportunities for members to meet state licensure requirements by attending its conferences, seminars, and webinars at reduced rates for registration and all BPA sponsored continuing medical education opportunities. BPA offers the nation’s foremost educational opportunities relative to mental health educational opportunities relevant to Africans globally as well as that of underserved and under-represented groups nationally and on an international level.

Membership Discounts on Supplies, Services, and Branded Products

The Black Psychiatrists of America provides its members with opportunities to receive discounts on hotels, office supplies, dental and other insurances, flower and gift delivery as well as and other frequently used services including but not limited to BPA tapes and other branded product items.

BPA Journal

The BPA Journal is available online free of charge to all members of the BPA. Members are encouraged to write and submit articles to the Journal, which enhances their marketability as well as helps them establish their publishing careers.

Voting Representation

The Black Psychiatrists of America elects its Executive Committee by majority vote. This Committee represents the legislative body for the Association and is empowered by the membership to establish policies and procedures for the overall operations of the organization as well as represent the wishes of its membership on relevant mental health-related issues, clinical practices, medical education, and special interest concerns relevant to the mission of the Association. This gives the membership a voice is establishing in shaping national mental health policy affecting the welfare of your patient populations and advocacy for health care parity.

Physician Locator Service

The BPA physician locator service assists in the identification of active BPA members for mental health consumers in search of culturally competent physicians servicing African-American and other underserved and underrepresented groups. Active membership in BPA can assist in patient referrals. Every membership application seeks to explore if individual members are interested in receiving referrals on an annual basis. This is a free service offered by the Association as part of your membership

Public Relations

BPA is frequently sought by various local, state, national, and international news media outlets for opinions on varying mental health issues relative to cultural competency and its impact on service delivery and advocacy for our population groups.


Q: When are my BPA dues due?

A: Dues are payable annually. BPA operates on a calendar year (January – December). Dues must be paid no later than January 31st of any given year. Payments received after that date may be subject to a late fee of 5% of the dues that are due based on the level of membership category. Failure to pay dues by March 1st of any given calendar year places a member on “inactive status” and subject to membership revocation if they remain unpaid by April 1st of any given calendar year.

Q: Does BPA give any discounts relative to dues?

A: Yes, frequently when members attend conferences if they pay the next year’s dues during the actual conference itself, they receive a discount with the amount varying on their category of membership. Example: If you attended a BPA sponsored event in 2015, you are eligible for a discount of 20% for 2016 dues at the level of an active regular member. Percentage discount amounts vary based on your membership category.

Q: So, is it just better for me to wait until conferences to pay my dues for any given year and save?

A: No, it is not better because members received discounts for attending BPA sponsored activities. This discount does not apply if you are not a dues paid member at the time you register to attend a BPA conference, etc. and therefore, at the time of registration, you must pay the fee of a non-member which is substantially higher than those paid by members. The best formula is to pay your dues for the next year at a BPA sponsored event and get the discounts all year long and well into the next year.

Q: Do I get a discount if I am retired or not in full-time practice anymore?

A: Because BPA dues are already deeply discounted as compared with other medical professional associations, no discount is given at this time for retirees or those not in the full-time practice regardless of their dues level category of membership.

Q: Are dues refundable if I decide after I have paid them that I no longer want to be a member of BPA?

A: No, dues are non-refundable period.

Q: Suppose I just want to pay my local or state chapter dues and not my national dues, am I still considered to be a BPA member?

A: No, paying national dues is a requirement to be a member of BPA whether or not you make a decision to pay local or state dues. National dues must be paid first for you to be considered a member of the Association. National dues are paid directly to the national BPA office and are not to be paid to your local or state chapter affiliations.

Q: What happens if my membership is revoked for not having paid dues?

A: If your membership is revoked for not having paid dues by April 1st of any given calendar year, then you will have to reapply for a new membership altogether and may be subject to payment of all back dues owed from the time of the said revocation. This is in addition to bringing your dues current with the new application process.

Q: Suppose I have been placed on “Inactive Status,” what happens next?

A:  If a member has been placed on “Inactive Status” due to failure to pay dues by March 1st of any calendar year, then to become active again, all dues plus prevailing accrued interest charges must be paid in full by April 1st of that calendar year. Failure to do that by this deadline subjects a member to having their membership revoked. If there is a hardship reported, then a review of that member’s status and prior service to the BPA will be taken under consideration on a case by case basis. Special consideration may be given to an individual member who finds that they are in such a situation.

Q: What is the process for reinstatement of membership?

A: A new application must be completed with a copy of your current medical or professional license (for physicians and other licensed non-physician members). The form for this process can be downloaded from the BPA website, printed out and mailed with the license and payment to: Black Psychiatrists of America – Membership Director-2020 Pennsylvania Ave., NW – Washington, DC 20006. We recommend that documents be sent via registered mail to guarantee receipt.

Q: What happens if I move?

A: Members are required to notify the BPA office at the address listed above of any move or relocation guarantee receipt of materials. Likewise, if a member changes their email address or phone number, BPA must be notified. Failure to do so may create difficulties with you receiving timely materials that require action, including payment of any dues or fees.

Q: Does the national office collect dues for local and state chapters?

A: No, it is the sole responsibility of local and state chapters who are chartered chapters of BPA to collect all local chapter dues. The national office has no involvement in the collection of local or state dues. The national office only receives national dues that are payable annually, as previously stated.

Q: What happens to my local and state dues?

A: Each local and state-chartered chapter of the BPA is responsible for the dispensation of dues collected for operations and other expenses. These are determined by each chartered chapter and may vary in amounts as required by such chartered chapters. The national office provides no accounting relative to local and state chapters except for the receipt of the annual charter fees for such chapters to continue their affiliation with BPA.

Q: How do I best maximize my BPA membership?

A: Member participation is critical to the survival of the BPA and needed to maintain viability as well as relevance. BPA has several committees that encourage active member participation. Joining a committee is the best way to truly maximize your BPA membership and have a direct vested stake in the overall progress of the Association. A list of the various committees is available for participation either as a chairperson or an active committee or sub-committee member and can be found in your membership handbook. Please review the handbook and make a decision today to join a committee of BPA. Also, attending BPA sponsored events (conferences, forums, seminars, fundraisers, and special events) facilitates networking as well as offers excellent opportunities for referrals and research activities with member colleagues nationally and globally as well.

Q: Why do I need to even consider joining a local or state chapter?

A: Local and state-chartered chapters have different priorities based on their respective communities. Mental health advocacy at the local and state level is critical. There is strength in numbers and greater ability to have your voice heard relative to the provision of mental health services, city and state legislative actions affecting your patients, health insurance and parity issues with regards to reimbursements and funding for research activities.

Q: I do not live in the USA, are their dues adjustments for international members?

A: BPA has deliberately kept its annual dues lower than the majority of other professional associations. The structure of these lower dues is well within the means of mental health professionals working and residing in most countries, including those of developing nations. Therefore, the dues for US members, as well as our international members, are the same. However, being a member does permit international conference attendees to receive deeper discounts for attendance at such conferences and events when they are given within their respective countries than US-based members.

Q: If I become an international member, what are the specific advantages for me?

A: BPA works directly with various health ministries across the globe in assisting them in education and advocacy for parity of mental health services with governments as it relates to funding for treatment, research, and quality service delivery. Membership in BPA assists its international members in providing the backing of an internationally recognized professional association that works on behalf of its members for policy creation and implementation relative to mental health across varying underserved and underrepresented groups worldwide. Additionally, the networking relationships that are forged through BPA membership are priceless and provide opportunities for mutual collaboration, research, teaching, and treatment. Not to mention the creation of life long friendships with professional mental health colleagues nationally and internationally.


The Black Psychiatrists of America permits the establishment of local chapters in a given region where there is a minimum of five (5) persons who are paid, active regular members and associate members. Chapters are not permitted to operate with associate members only but must have at least three (3) persons eligible for active member status to apply for a chapter charter and can have unlimited numbers of members in the other membership categories.

Charters are issued to members who wish to form local or state chapters. A chapter request application form must be completed and submitted with a one-time charter fee at the time the application is made. This application fee is $500.00 regardless of the size of the local or state chapter filing the application. All requests for chapters must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Black Psychiatrists of America. No group or groups can use the name or logo of the Black Psychiatrists of America in the absence of an approved charter.

Annual chapter charter fees are due by January 31st of each calendar year. This fee is based on chapter size with the following formula:

  1. Chapter membership less than 25 persons - $100.00/year
  2. Chapter membership is between 25-100 persons - $200/year
  3. Chapter membership is greater than 100 persons - $350/year

Chapters are considered on “Inactive Delinquent Status” if the annual charter fee has not been paid by February 1st of each calendar year. Chapter charters may be revoked if chapter dues have not been paid to the national office by March 1st once a chapter has been placed on “Inactive Delinquent Status.” Late fees of 5% of the annual charter fee will apply and must be paid at the time of charter dues payment in order to maintain active status. Chapters that have been revoked for non-payment of the annual charter fee must reapply again for chapter status.

Chapters who have been issued chapter charters are free to assess member dues at their discretion as they see fit. Chapter dues are not reported to the national office. Individual members must pay annual dues to the national office as outlined in the “Membership Categories” section and are considered “Inactive” if individual annual dues are not paid by March 1, 2015. Late fees apply for all dues not received by this deadline date.

Chapters are required to apply for their own individual tax identification numbers (EIN) and encouraged to apply for non-profit status with their state and federal agencies. Local and state chapters are not permitted to use the national BPA tax identification number (EIN) in any capacity. The national BPA office, through its Executive Director, is available to assist chapters in obtaining non-profit status as a service for their chapter affiliation.


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